제이디미디어 CI

JD-MEDIA CI_Corporate Identity

JD-MEDIA’s color represents the passion of the sun.

JD-MEDIA’s corporate symbol expresses our commitment to become a company that our customers can always trust.

About our brand

JDM stands for “Jovial & Distinct Media,” which carries a vision of delivering pleasant and clear media to people, expressing the company’s will to become a global leader in industrial audio equipment and device market. The sophisticatedly designed ellipse-shape outer-line of the logo represents a globe and the letter JDM inside expresses the company’s vision of becoming the best company in the world. The color of the logo is the main red, symbolizing the passion of the sun and expressing the JD-MEDIA, Inc.’s determination and the spirit of adventure to make a powerful leap forward.

Space requirements

The Clear Spaces refers to the minimum protective space for the ideal expression of JD-MEDIA’s wordmark.

제이디미디어 CI의 공간규정을 설명하는 이미지

Minimum space requirements

JD-MEDIA’s corporate mark is the core of communication activities needed to communicate corporate images consistently. This section stipulates the use of minimum space needed to prevent the visual conflicts created with other visual elements in the surrounding when the corporate mark is applied.No elements can enter this space so that the corporate mark is visually undamaged on account of other graphic elements. (The exception is made for combining, such as combining of Korean/English font type).

Also, a size smaller than the minimum allowed size is now allowed in order to maintain the precise shape of the corporate mark. If it is necessary to use the size smaller than the minimum allowed size, CI management department should be consulted.

CI의 좌우 양 옆에는 각각 CI의 5.9분의 만큼의 여백이 있어야 하며, 상하로는 1.4분의 1만큼의 여백이 있어야 합니다. 코퍼레이트 마크는 세로 7mm보다 작은 사이즈로 사용할 수 없습니다.

Color requirements

  • C : 0
  • M : 99
  • Y : 100
  • K : 0
  • R : 255
  • G : 0
  • B : 0

HEX : #FF0000

  • C : 75
  • M : 68
  • Y : 67
  • K : 90
  • R : 0
  • G : 0
  • B : 0

HEX : #000000

Use rules

User may choose colors that are appropriate for different media and print condition in addition to basic colors for more effective use of JD-MEDIA’s corporate mark as suggested below. In particular, when using special color for JD-MEDIA, user must pay careful attention to its material and shape. The application of unapproved color is not allowed because it creates a confusion to the unique image of JD-MEDIA’s corporate mark.

The description below suggests how to use color for brand mark.

Corporate mark red and black image